specialist cameras

From handheld wireless cameras and in-sport on-boards, through to POV cameras, motorbike RF facilities and helicopter links, Gearhouse customers enjoy the many benefits of the latest specialist camera solutions.

Expert filmmakers around the globe trust us as their first-choice providers of this hi-tech specialist kit. Our technical team will work with you to fully assess what you need to capture, as well as any budget, crew and geographical constraints, before providing a tailor-made solution.


With a flying area of 250m x 250m, a top speed of 20mph and silent operation, the Spidercam is ideal for any large indoor or outdoor event. The cable-suspended aerial camera system effortlessly switches between close-ups and panoramic views.

The first choice for football matches, horse races and visually complex live events, its modular design makes it easy to quickly set up and dismantle after filming, further adding to its appeal.

Railcam – Blackcam

The Blackcam is a fully automated, track-mounted railcam that brings a fresh perspective to broadcasting from inaccessible locations. This compact and portable solution allows you to stay out of the way while still getting the best production shots imaginable.

Its versatile track means that a camera can be overslung or underslung around a stage, delivering extraordinary action shots; and its size, flexibility and reliability make it the ideal choice for any live TV, news, concerts and sports broadcasts.

Our Blackcam systems also boast an augmented reality upgrade, allowing customers to implement virtual graphics if they so choose.

Wireless cameras

From easy-to-use video transmission systems for when small crews and fast turnarounds are needed, to linked systems that can be used for roving cameras, point-to-point connections and airborne shots, we offer a full range of wireless camera solutions.


Onboard RF

From tracking athletes competing in top international events, to cockpit cams for Grand Prix drivers and wireless coverage for long-distance sports, Gearhouse Broadcast has all manner of bespoke onboard RF solutions including referee cameras, skydiver cameras and waterproof motorboat racing cameras.

Whether it’s needed on a racing car, power boat, drone or for a point-of-view shot, we use the latest and best technology to provide you with a solution that’s guaranteed to help you capture that unique angle.

Airborne RF

Gearhouse Broadcast uses the latest in RF technology to create solid aerial camera downlink services, which can offer distances in excess of 50 miles.

We provide cameras suitable for a wide variety of helicopter types, and airborne relays that can work alongside onboard RF, handheld cameras and motorbike cameras.

Our communications systems and specialist technical support allow for talkback between camera operator and pilot, and enable broadcasters to provide unique and comprehensive coverage of major live events, tailored to suit their every need.

Point-to-point links

The latest transmitter-receivers, antenna, filters and amplifiers to create long-distance point-to-point links from both 4K and HD systems.

Our wireless camera and video links packages are available in a multitude of frequency ranges and configurations, suitable for all applications and locations.

Our state-of-the-art systems offer the latest technology for ENG, broadcast and live-event applications, and our amplifiers are designed and calibrated to work with our transmitters which ensures minimal spectral re-growth.

Other speciality cameras

Our stock includes the Mark Roberts Motion Control AFC-100, a pan tilt robotic head that gives unparalleled performance for its size.

With a small footprint but a high payload capacity, the AFC-100 allows you to get close to the action without compromising picture quality. It can also be used with our large weatherproof housing, which can accommodate anything from a DK-H200 up to a 4K Sony P43.

We also stock Marshall cameras, which, unlike many miniature special cams, now benefit from full remote control when paired with our brand new CyanView kit – the Cy-RCP, Cy-CIO and Cy-GWY control units – allowing users far greater control.

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