HD 3


A single side expanding, rigid truck with a generous internal working space. It has a 16 HD camera capacity, with four CCU operators, five Replay operators and a TD/ENG operator. HD3 can accommodate 17 dedicated staff in a cutting-edge, climate-controlled environment.

Features include a Sony MVS-8000G - 3ME 1080p vision switcher and a Euphonix 96 channel digital audio console with the RTS Adams communication system. This truck is a powerful, mid-range, high definition production tool.

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Tech spec

Spec:  Single side expanding

Vision Mixer:  Sony MVS-8300A – 54 x I/p – 24 x O/p

Vision Router:   Probel Aurora Router 200 x 256 with AES Audio

Audio:  Euphonix 96 Max Air

Comms:  RTS Adam frame

Production:  Two tier production – 7 x Positions

Camera Control:  20 x HD camera including 2 x Super motion and 4 x POV

Monitoring:  Imagine Communications QVM6800 Quad split

EVS:  4 x EVS, 1 x XFile 3 with 10Gb Networking

VTR: 4 x VTR, 1 x USB Recorder

Replay Transition: 2 x Replay transition devices with full VMU machine control

Power:   2 x 63-amp (Full Technical UPS)                                                       

A/C:  Fully climate-controlled

Dimensions:  L 12.3 - W 2.5 – H 4.3

Deployed Dimensions:  L 13.8m - W 3.9m - H 4.3m

Monitor stack

Click the link below to download the HD-3 monitor stack. 

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