RF Solution, Microphones & On-Site Technical Support For Britain’s Got Talent


Owned by Fremantle UK, Thames, (formerly known as talkbackTHAMES) is a leading British television production company. It works behind-the-scenes on more than a dozen popular UK shows, including hit talent-spotting formats, The X Factor & Britain’s Got Talent (BGT).


Specialists in tailored broadcast solutions for high profile programming, Gearhouse Broadcast has a long-standing relationship with Thames, specifically when it comes to providing audio/ RF solutions for both The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent.

Gearhouse Broadcast has supplied cutting edge radio microphone equipment to judges, hosts and of course, the hopeful contestants featured in BGT since the series’ debut in 2007.

In 2018, Thames once again awarded the audio contract for Britain’s Got Talent to Gearhouse Broadcast’s specialist team. The project centred around ensuring the show’s high production values were met, using the very latest in wireless technology.


BGT is a live, studio show with an element of unpredictability. By its very nature, the ITV staple demands high-end, faultless production – there is no room for even the slightest of errors.

Both equipment and services provided by Gearhouse Broadcast to BGT (and spin off show, Britain’s Got More Talent), must be flexible, as well as reliable.

Every year, experienced experts from Gearhouse Broadcast’s Audio division firstly come up with a detailed frequency blueprint for the show. The team then manages all stages of the project, from planning, to kit preparation, delivery & onsite installation of kit.

Importantly, continued support during the show’s run is also provided, ensuring that seamless integration of the wireless radio microphones is achieved.


BGT 2018 aired between April 14th and June 3rd. ITV reported more than 10.6 million viewers tuned in to the final to watch stand-up comedian Lost Voice Guy win the competition -  the biggest audience since 2015’s final. 

Audio solutions provided by Gearhouse Broadcast were critical to ensuring delivery of a truly polished product. Speaking about those solutions, Gearhouse Broadcast audio engineer Quay Luu said, “We ensure that the production team has quality audio for all areas of the show to give them greater creative choice with what clips they use.”

Dawn Gray, Britain’s Got Talent, Line Producer said, “We have worked with Gearhouse Broadcast on many projects before. Highly recommended, Gearhouse Broadcast proved that their audio department could tailor their service to suit any needs and any schedule that we could throw at them”.

The 2018 series won Best Entertainment Programme at the British Academy Television Awards that year.

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