Je Suis Charlie Solidarity March Paris

The Project

When more than one million people took to Paris streets following the horrendous 2015 Charlie Hebdo and supermarket attacks, television news crews scrambled to get live footage of the remarkable scenes of collective grief and unified defiance.

Those tuning in to the news at home were offered a rare opportunity to see positive action playing out  on their screens following the senseless tragedy, which saw 17 people lose their lives.

A host of world leaders were present at the Je Suis Charlie Solidarity. French President Francois Hollande went as far as to tell gathered crowds, which included a host of world leaders, “Today, Paris is the capital of the world.”

French broadcaster M6 and the 24-hour television news channel BFM TV were among many different networks clamouring to secure a good position from which to cover the much-publicised march.

What they needed was quickly deployable, reliable RF ENG (Radio Frequency Electronic News Gathering) kits, the performance of which would not be affected by the very real threat of potential interference from other links, caused by the unusually high demand for spectrum space.

THE Service

Gearhouse Broadcast, with its wealth of experience providing bespoke broadcast solutions for major televised events the world over, was able to utilise its specialist industry knowledge to provide RF ENG kits that could be counted on.

The flexible and robust links provided by Gearhouse Broadcast meant M6 and BFM TV were able to provide viewers with real-time coverage of the monumental events taking place in some of Paris’ most recognised landmarks, like Place de la Nation and Place de la République.

Our Approach

The RF ENG kits supplied by Gearhouse Broadcast included dependable wireless cameras, intercoms and the best radio microphones. In the end, six cameras supplied by Gearhouse Broadcast were in operation that day. Roving reporters were able to easily keep in touch with colleagues back in the studio as events unfolded, thanks to the N-1 in-ear monitors provided as part of the kit.

In addition, Gearhouse Broadcast technicians made use of specialist skills to carefully manage allotted frequencies, adapting RF systems to ensure there was no interference from other links, which could have been a major problem for M6/BFM TV.

THE Experience

Gearhouse Broadcast is world renowned for being able to provide effective broadcast solutions for even the most complex of requirements. Specialists when it comes to the provision of high quality broadcast equipment, production facilities and project management support, Gearhouse Broadcast has a wealth of experience working on large-scale high-profile live events. Innovation, expertise, industry knowledge and flexibility give Gearhouse Broadcast the edge over its competition. The company has worked on everything from the Olympic and Commonwealth Games to all the major tennis tournaments and reality shows such as “I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” and “Britain's Got Talent”.

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