Imagine Videotek® VSX-11-3G

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Multiformat Sync Changeover Unit

The VSX-11-3G has 11 outputs that are switched from primary or secondary inputs as determined by input conditions or faults. The VSX-11-3G is designed for use in any video format environment and provides protection for primary reference signal loss. All channels have a user-selectable configuration. The VSX-11-3G accommodates SDI Serial Digital Interface SD/HD/3G, NTSC/PAL color black (black burst) and tri level sync and AES digital audio.

The VSX-11-3G can be used with the VSG-MTG Master Timing Generator, VSG-4TSG Test Signal Generator, VSG-4CSD Clock Systems Driver and VSG-401 Compact Video and Audio Test Generator. Packages including two of the aforementioned products and a VSX-11-3G are available for redundant, reference, test and reference, time/date and test systems.

  • Automatically switches main and backup source for 3G/HD/SD–SDI, NTSC/PAL color black (black burst), tri level sync and AES digital audio
  • Redundant power supplies
  • 11 user-configurable channels
  • Fault detection on all input channels
  • Automatic and manual operation
  • GPI controls
  • Front-panel fault indication by channel
  • Front-panel operating mode indications
Connectors  11 primary and 11 secondary BNC 75 ohms connector
Return Loss (of selected inputs):      30 dB for 100 kHz to 10 MHz
15 dB for 10 to 270 MHz
10 dB for 270 MHz to 1.5 GHz
Insertion Loss  <0.3 dB for 5 to 270 MHz
<1.6 dB for 10 MHz to 1.5 GHz
<5.0 dB for 10 MHz to 3.0 GHz
Maximum Switched Voltage  ±5 V
Maximum Switched Current  100 mA
Crosstalk (unselected input to output or channel to channel)  60 dB to 10 MHz
30 dB to 1.0 GHz
20 dB to 1.5 GHz
15 dB to 3.0 GHz
Relay Switch Time  10 mS
Signal-Loss to Switch-Over Delay  <1.5 seconds
Connectors  11 BNC 75 ohms connector
Return Loss  30 dB for 100 kHz to 10 MHz
15 dB for 10 to 270 MHz
10 dB for 270 MHz to 1.5 GHz
LEDs  Green Power LED
Red Lock LED
Green Unlock LED
Green Manual LED
Green Auto LED
Green Sync Source Primary LED
Green Sync Source Backup LED
22 Green/Red Channel Fault LEDs
Delay Time  4 minutes
During Power-Up  Default state is held
Channels are not monitored (status indicators are off)
The panel is locked. Both lock and unlock indicators are on Manual mode indicator blinks
Reference Detection  Type of detected reference signals supported
NTSC analog Blackburst (2 to 4 dB down from nominal)
PAL analog Blackburst (2 to 4 dB down from nominal)
Tri-level Sync (SMPTE 274 and 296) (2 to 5 dB down from nominal)
AES/EBU (SMPTE 276M) (2 to 4 dB down from nominal)
SD-SDI 270 Mb/s serial digital component video (2 to 5 dB down from nominal)
HD-SDI 1.485 Gb/s (SMPTE 292M) (2 to 5 dB down from nominal)
3G-SDI 2.97 Gb/s (SMPTE 424M) (2 to 5 dB down from nominal)
GPI Controls  3 inputs
3 outputs
Maximum voltage drop across the closure cannot exceed 2 V at 20 mA
Maximum input of 24 VDC and 20 mA
Power Connector  Barrel type with screw lock
Power Input  12 VDC + 1.2 VDC
Power Consumption  <35 W nominal
Resetting Fuse  2.5 A, 16 VDC AC adapter Included
Dimensions (H x W x D)  1.75 x 19 x 11.82 in. (4.5 x 48.3 x 30 cm)
Weight  5.45 lbs (2.46 kg)

Operating Temperature  32° to 122° F (0° to 50° C)
Storage Temperature  -40° to 149° F ( -40° to 65° C) non-operating temperature
Humidity  90% maximum (non-condensing)
Operating Altitude  6,562 ft (2,000 m)



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