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John Williams

Head of Projects, Gearhouse Broadcast (UK)

After a number of successful years as Director of Technical Operations at Input Media, John joined Gearhouse Broadcast as Head of Projects in early 2019.

An expert in sports production technical workflows and logistics, John began his career with Input Media in 2001 as a VTR operator, and then moved into Engineering as junior engineer. After a brief period at Sky’s Digital Platform Operations and Digital Support Group during 2004, he re-joined Input Media as an engineer, becoming Technical Ops Director in 2011.

John has a strong technical background and an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the production and distribution process, with the ability to find the best technical solution for all creative and operational requirements.

In his role as Head of Projects, John is responsible for the successful delivery of Gearhouse Broadcast’s most complex projects, and has additional client development, team management and commercial leadership responsibilities.

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