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Grass Valley

Multi-Format High Definition Camera

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Grass Valley

Multi-Format High Definition Camera

ref no: LDK-6000
model no: LDK-6000

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The LDK 6000 mk II offers the highest quality picture available for everything from remote-controlled, portable hand-held, mobile and studio applications, to EFP uses for SD and HD productions”even digital cinematography.

With three 9.2-million pixel HD-DPM+™ CCDs, the LDK 6000 mk II is the only camera available that can capture true progressive HD images, natively, and switch instantly between multiple formats and frame rates. Coupled with an extensive feature set, format flexibility, and excellent performance, it’s a perfect match for the
intense demands of today’s productions.

The LDK 6000 mk II camera head is available in two versions: Standard and WorldCam. The Standard version supports 1080i/
720p HD formats in 50 and 59.94 Hz, and simultaneously provides high-quality SD output in either 50 or 59.94 Hz. The
WorldCam version adds support for all recognized worldwide HD formats, including 24p for digital cinematography acquisition”
and provides convenient built-in frame-rate conversion.

With a lightweight, ergonomic design, the LDK 6000 mk II speeds production workflows with focus-assist tools and smart cards
that store image and operational settings. And its transmission system interfaces with standard triax- as well as fiber-based
infrastructures for maximum flexibility.

For digital transition management, the LDK 6000 mk II features a compact, robust, and lightweight base station that can output SD and HD signals simultaneously. The camera can be equipped with a Grass Valley SuperXpander large lens adapter and an optional HD high-resolution viewfinder and turn it into a fully featured studio head.
Captures true progressive HD images natively, in multiple formats and frame rates and outputs high-quality SD images in addition to the HD output

• Supports 1080i and 720p formats at 50 and 59.94 Hz

• Supports instant switching between 720p and 1080i for a wide variety of applications

• Unrivaled video processing architecture:
— Three 9.2-million pixel HD-DPM+ CCDs
— 12-bit A-to-D conversion
— 22-bit digital signal processing

• Emmy award-winning dual skin contour circuit makes talent look its best

• Unique focus-assist tools:
— Crawler, for creating motion on the edges of an object in focus
— Instant push-button electronic zoom for focusing on small details

• Smart cards store picture, operational settings for easy recall

• Flexible HD transmission system
— Supports standard triax up to 3,300 feet/1,000 meters
— Supports hybrid fiber SMPTE 311 up to 13,200 feet/4,000 meters

• Small, robust base station with superior HD, SD outputs

• Lightest weight camera body in its class

• In triax mode, SuperXPander support enables configuration with studio lenses, accessories