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Hitachi RU-1500JY Joystick

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Hitachi RU-1500JY Joystick

ref no: RU-1500JY
model no: RU-1500JY

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The high-performance touchscreen Remote Control Unit RU-1500JY/VR is connected to the Camera Control Unit (CCU) for remote operation of the camera or directly to the SK-HD1200/1000 or Z-HD5000 Camera Head.

All key Camera Control functions, such as the one touch color temperature function, makes the RU-1500JY/VR ideal not only for professional TV studios but also for OB van use.
Lens iris control, pedestal control and preview switch are assembled with an axis joystick control knob (RU-1500JY), or alternatively with two rotary knobs (RU-1500VR).

The camera can be easily adjusted using the 3.5 inch LCD touchscreen panel and rotary encoders. Custom Switches further support the professional user in designing a personal workflow.

• Camera power supply on/off
• Auto setup execution
• Data file (SCENE FILE 0 to 8) selection, save
• Manual adjustment using the rotary encoder and knobs
• Various on/off controls
• PIX and WF video output select
• Network control:
• RJ-45 TCP/IP