Gearhouse Broadcast selects Simplylive’s revolutionary Vibox systems

Vibox System Photo V1

Gearhouse Broadcast, a leading supplier of specialist broadcast solutions, has announced the purchase of the Vibox all-in-one production systems from live production solutions manufacturer Simplylive. Vibox brings together all the major components of live production in one box and this deal means Gearhouse becomes the first supplier to make the product available to the North American market. The systems will be utilised across Gearhouse Broadcasts offices in the USA, EMEA and Australia.

Designed for a single operator, the innovative solution brings together a video switcher, audio mixer, graphics, slow motion and replay/highlights with an intuitive full touchscreen control interface. Vibox is designed for a six-camera production with clean and dirty video outputs, and ideal for jobs where a full OB set up may be impractical or cost prohibitive. All input sources and output programming are recorded on the system in broadcast grade codecs, and intuitive, user-defined automation is integrated into the software operation. This means common effects and transitions can be triggered by the operator through presets.

“We’ve known Luc and his team for a long time, and have been keeping a close eye on what they’ve been doing with Simplylive,” said Kevin Moorhouse, COO, Gearhouse Broadcast. “We have a strong tradition of investing in new technologies and Vibox is an exciting proposition, serving up an innovative and affordable one-box solution that can be operated by a single user. It has similar functionality to a full OB van, but with a much-reduced on-site equipment footprint, making it well suited for remote productions.”

Luc Doneux, Simplylive’s managing director, added: “Gearhouse Broadcast is a worldwide name in the industry and their investment in our technology is a testament to both companies drive towards innovation. We are excited to work together with Gearhouse to grow the recognition of our products and brand. They will be providing the first Vibox servers to the North American market, where we expect to see things accelerate quickly.”

Gearhouse Broadcast will be at 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas, showcasing Columbus, its new 4K mobile unit for North America. It will be located in the outdoor/mobile media area between central and south halls in the exhibit area (Booth OE836). Simplylive will also be exhibiting at the show, showcasing Vibox on booth N1126 in North Hall.

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Gearhouse Broadcast and Partners Debut SkyTechno at NAB 2017

SkyTechno 1

Gearhouse Broadcast, in conjunction with its partners Telescopic, LLC and Big Shot Camera Cranes, will unveil SkyTechno, a dramatic evolution in camera crane technology that enables powerful camera moves previously considered impossible, at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show from April 24-27. Perfect for live events, concerts, television shows, film and commercials, stage productions, and sports, SkyTechno was developed by Gearhouse Broadcast in collaboration with working operators, motion control experts, engineers and designers with experience in image capture for its many applications. SkyTechno will be on display at the Gearhouse Broadcast booths (OE836 & OE841) in a live-footage demonstration powered and processed by Columbus, their new 4K/UHD mobile unit.

SkyTechno will be supported by a custom stage supplied by Production Resource Group (PRG), who will also provide a high-resolution, automated LED video wall coupled with their innovative and newly patented GroundControlTM Follow Spot lighting technology. Girraphic lends its expertise in the realm of augmented reality, extending SkyTechno’s capabilities to include high-quality virtual assets, seen from every axis possible.

John Newton, the CEO and founder of Gearhouse, along with its development partners were inspired to develop SkyTechno during the production of a major television project, when there were missed opportunities for incredible shots. Gearhouse saw the need to help advance crane/jib technology. After two years of research and development in close collaboration with Brian Williams, the renowned developer of the TechnoJib, and Brian Gaetke, a premier industry operator at Big Shot Camera Cranes, SkyTechno is now available in North America. Gearhouse has plans to build more to support global uptake of the new technology.

Williams noted, “The flexibility and sheer creativity enabled by SkyTechno will make this highly desired for so many productions, especially when the community sees what shots are possible with the crane.”

President of PRG Television North America, Brian Edwards, added, “We have seen firsthand the need for SkyTechno. Its powerfully designed and engineered functionality, developed by experts who have years of experience, will be an incredible alternative to many productions. PRG is looking forward to our continued collaboration with the team at Gearhouse.”

With augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) production requirements growing, SkyTechno embraces the demands of 360-degree production. SkyTechno employs the very latest encoding technology ensuring that 3D graphics can be inserted into the live camera feed exactly where and when needed. SkyTechno is built upon proprietary encoding software that makes every movement and placement programmable and repeatable with incredible precision.

Grant Werle, general manager of Girraphic USA, said, “Our team at Girraphic is thrilled to work with SkyTechno. From the moment we saw it, we knew what this would bring to AR/VR productions.  The technology not only provides stability and programmable movements, but most notably an extensive reach from every axis. A true solution and combination necessary to ensure your show is successful.”

The crane telescopes up to 24 feet, performs multiple 360-degree moves at the head and fulcrum, and inclines to 45 degrees while simultaneously tracking. SkyTechno supports all industry standard TV and film cameras.

Marc Genin, managing director of Gearhouse Broadcast USA, said, “SkyTechno does exponentially more than other cranes, while providing all of the standard features of a high-end rig. With its three-axes movement and balance, operators can capture every possible angle up, down, around, over and under; literally from the floor to the ceiling, and from wall to wall with impeccably smooth movement. Shots that were previously choreographed to avoid background spoilers, such as equipment in shot or other problems that needed to be cleaned up in post, can now be managed with SkyTechno as a seamless, clean, fluid experience.”

Additionally, SkyTechno has the flexibility to support the needs of promoters in highly desirable venues. It’s no longer necessary for production equipment to take actual seats, which are usually the most preferred seats, out of circulation. The first rows of concerts, sporting events, and live stage shots are managed by SkyTechno without blocking rows and views.

“SkyTechno offers unimpeded camera shots from every angle eliminating the need for floor-based track and equipment, that can be repeated exactly, over and over again,” added Gaetke. “Now the world of creative possibilities is truly endless and ready for the future of AR and VR.”

To see SkyTechno and Columbus firsthand at NAB, visit Gearhouse Broadcast in the outdoor/mobile media area between central and south halls (Booths OE836 and OE841).

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Gearhouse Broadcast USA to Roll Out New 4K Mobile Unit at NAB 2017


At the 2017 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Conference, Gearhouse Broadcast USA will debut Columbus, the first mobile unit based in the U.S. to feature a full 4K monitor wall, “one button” hydraulic deployment, and integrated RF (mast included), among other unique attributes.

The unit is specifically designed, built, integrated and finished to the highest industry standards for 4K/UHD sports and entertainment productions. Columbus employs a virtual management system to control complex signal flow and has a second control room for digital streaming, additional languages, and IMAG.

The arrival of Columbus reinforces the company’s increased commitment to ongoing expansion in North America. With the addition of this premier production solution, Gearhouse Broadcast USA augments its wide range of existing offerings for broadcasters, studios, networks and production companies throughout the U.S., Canada, Latin America and Caribbean.

“Columbus was developed with the current and emerging needs of the U.S. market in mind, based on our experience here as well as from what we have learned with advanced mobile units in Australia,” says Gearhouse Broadcast CEO and Founder John Newton.

The mobile unit is IP-ready and equipped with 24 Boland 4K monitors in the main control room monitor wall – driven either as quad splits or single input 4K monitors from the main router – giving total flexibility in HD or 4K. It also features 16 Sony HDC-4300 4K/HD cameras with the capability to add an additional six RF cameras or a further four Sony HDC-4300s. Hitachi SK-HD1200 camera systems will be deployed for applications outside of 4K.

Columbus’ master systems control (VSM) gives operators ultimate control, and maximum flexibility, with Wi-Fi tablets available to control and assign sources and monitoring in the various operational areas, including the monitor wall. This facilitates the initial set-up of the unit for production and allows the operators to very easily make changes during production with just “one touch,” rather than having to re-route video, audio and control features independently.

Additionally, Columbus utilizes a Grass Valley Karrera K-Frame S-series switcher along with four 12-channel EVS ChannelMAX live-production servers. An Imagine Communications Platinum IP3 router is supported by a Lawo VSM control and monitoring platform. Audio is supported via a Lawo mc2 56MK11 HD (64 fader) audio mixer and communications are managed using the new RTS Adam matrix intercom. Wireless communication is supported via a Clear-Com Eclipse Delta frame running FreeSpeak II allowing point-to-point 4-wire beltpack usage.

Columbus was built by renowned specialist coachbuilder A Smith of Great Bentley (ASGB Ltd), per the design and under the oversight of Gearhouse’s System Integrations team. Its spacious layout features adjustable monitors in the main control room, as well as over-specified air conditioning that is both efficient and quiet. Operators have the ability to change level and color of the interior lighting scheme as well.

“We loaded Columbus with powerful video and audio multi-format capabilities, so directors, producers, engineers and operators can work with ease and in a comfortable environment,” says Marc Genin, managing director, Gearhouse Broadcast USA. “For high-pressure, live broadcast situations, this truck gives productions the ability to adapt quickly. The mobile unit is automatically deployed and leveled via remote controlled hydraulics with no physical intervention required, and its technologically advanced infrastructure provides every level of service for broadcasters’ needs.”

Three weeks after its arrival and final commissioning in Los Angeles, Columbus was put to the test at a major event in downtown L.A. “That weekend saw one of the biggest storms in 12 years to hit Southern California, bringing heavy rain and high winds,” recalls Genin. “The truck was hammered, but there wasn’t a drop of water anywhere and production continued as normal. It performed beyond expectations, proving our technical expertise and design acumen is a force to be reckoned with, even when up against Mother Nature.”

To see Columbus first hand at NAB, visit Gearhouse Broadcast in the outdoor/mobile media area between central and south halls in the exhibit area (Booth OE836).

For more information about Columbus, visit

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Gearhouse Broadcast brings its fresh Systems Integration approach to CABSAT 2017


Gearhouse Broadcast, a leading supplier of specialist broadcast solutions, will be exhibiting at CABSAT 2017 in Dubai from 21-23 March. Its Systems Integration team will be present in hall 2, on stand D2-40 to meet with current customers and new business leads to discuss a wide range of projects in the region.

Having had a permanent presence in the Middle East since 2008, when it officially opened its Doha office, Gearhouse Broadcast can manage projects locally, and from its headquarters in the UK. By using the scale, infrastructure, global success and financial security of Gearhouse’s worldwide business, the systems integration team can be more flexible than traditional systems integration vendors, both operationally and commercially.

As well as systems integration, Gearhouse Broadcast offers services including project solutions, outside broadcast, equipment rental, equipment sales and events communication to the world’s most respected broadcasters, production companies and rights holders. Clients within the Middle East include Al Jazeera and Al Rayyan, and it’s also heavily involved in the implementation of broadcast infrastructures in many of the new venues being constructed in the region. These include the recent cable and control room installations at the Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium for Al-Sadd Sports Club and at the Thani bin Jassim Stadium for the Al-Gharafa Sports Club.

Gearhouse Broadcast’s systems integration team has extensive experience of integrating the latest broadcast infrastructures within OB trucks, studios, news and sports facilities, venues and stadiums as well as houses of worship and educational institutions. Long-established relationships with leading manufacturers give it the ability to embrace new technologies such as IP and 4K. It’s also able to call on in-house heritage and expertise in other areas such as special temporary installations, sales and rental of broadcast equipment, and its specialist Gearhouse Actis RF division, to work on a more diverse range of projects.

“CABSAT is an important show for the media industry, and it gives us a great opportunity to meet with customers, as well as local vendors, distributors and consultants and directly highlight the benefits of working with us”, said Martin Paskin, systems integration manager at Gearhouse Broadcast. “From consultancy to planning, engineering, project management, design, installation, commissioning, training, maintenance and aftercare support, we cover every aspect of systems implementation.”

CABSAT 2017 runs from 21-23 March 2017 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

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Gearhouse Broadcast becomes UK distributor of Aperi technology

AperiEuro2016 (2)

Gearhouse Broadcast, a leading supplier of specialist broadcast solutions has become the UK’s developer and distributor of Aperi’s live IP media function virtualisation (MFV). The agreement is part of Gearhouse’s ongoing commitment to developing new technologies for the broadcast industry including 4K production workflows, hardware virtualisation and IP video and remote production infrastructures.

“Because they will become such a big part of the broadcast industry, Gearhouse has been actively researching IP video infrastructures and remote production workflows. After our joint technology demonstration at IBC last year, we’ve extended our relationship with Aperi. We’ve made this happen because we believe it’s one of the key technology providers and industry disruptors as far as new IP technology goes,” said Martin Paskin, systems integration manager at Gearhouse Broadcast.

As a technology that’s gaining a lot of attention, the distribution of Aperi’s innovative MFV live IP workflow allows Gearhouse to provide its clients with a more flexible, cost effective and reliable production infrastructure. The partnership comes as Gearhouse’s extensive global event projects and systems integration customer base is already recognising the potential production benefits and efficiencies that are to be gained by the implementation of IP platforms like Aperi’s.

Aperi ceo Joop Jansen said: “Gearhouse’s expertise in recognising and implementing new technology is what’s driven us to make it our UK partner and distributor. With this partnership, we can provide customers with robust transitions to more elastic production infrastructures based on real-time software functions and native IP generic server platforms.”

Using software-based real-time IP media processing, Aperi’s technology enhances live production and networking processes and has been deployed in major media networks and studio environments in North America, UK, Europe and Asia Pacific. At IBC2016, a demonstration between the two companies saw a number of live and sourced 4K signals sent from Gearhouse’s stand to Aperi’s stand some 500 metres away. The signals were brought back to the Gearhouse stand, where 4K clean switching was shown on a big screen to demonstrate how it’s possible to send compressed 4K signals over IP and distribute them without degrading picture quality.

Gearhouse will be at Aperi’s booth located at the entrance of the IABM stand (K18) at BVE at ExCeL London between 28 February and 2 March 2017.

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