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Sony ECM-77 A professional discrete omni-directional lapel microphone

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Sony ECM-77 A professional discrete omni-directional lapel microphone

ref no: ECM-77
model no: ECM-77

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The ECM-77 is probably the most often seen lapel microphone on TV and it is used widely in both studio production and on location. Its popularity is based on a combination of excellent sound quality, robust construction and an attractive cosmetic design. 



- Miniature, omni-directional electret condenser microphone


- Worldwide acclaim for performance and reliability in studio, Electronic News Gathering (ENG) and Electronic Field Production (EFP) applications

- Wide frequency response, high-sensitivity and low-noise characteristics

- Miniature design makes it easy to conceal in a costume

- Wide model variations to suit specific user requirements


Four models available:

- ECM-77B: Black-coloured model supplied with an in-line battery unit. Two-way powering possible – internal AA-size (LR6) alkaline battery operation or external DC (12 to 48 V) operation

- ECM-77BC: Black-coloured model supplied with a Sony 4-pin connector (SMC9-4P), for use with the

- ECM-77BMP: Black-coloured model supplied with a 3-pole locking mini-plug for use with the bodypack transmitter included in UWP series

- ECM-77BPT: Black-coloured model supplied without a connector (pigtail)