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Joystick-type full-function remote control panel for use with all BVP and HDC systems cameras

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Joystick-type full-function remote control panel for use with all BVP and HDC systems cameras

ref no: RCP-750
model no: RCP-750

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The RCP-750 is a full function remote control panel for use with BVP-E30 series and HDC-1500 series cameras. This RCP includes a colour LCD touch screen, to provide fast, simple access to virtually all camera functions within a compact sized panel. Rotary controls are provided for RGB black and white level adjustments, together with joystick control of iris and master black. Dedicated switches provide quick access to the most frequently used on/off controls.

Compact panel layout

The RCP-750 has a very compact panel layout, but still provides access to the majority of camera adjustments. Furthermore, the RCP-750 requires less than 70 mm of depth below the top surface, permitting simple desk design.

Colour LCD touch screen

A unique colour LCD touch screen provides menu access to all camera parameters. The hierarchical menu structure is designed for quick, simple access to all frequently used adjustments

Memory Stick

The Memory stick slot allows users to store camera settings “off-line” for later use. 
(note: Memory Stick not included)

Full function panel

Despite its compact size, the use of an RCP-750 allows a powerful camera control system to be created without requiring an MSU. The ergonomic design of the LCD screen, panel surface and switches makes camera operation simple and easy.

No additional power required.

The RCP-750 takes its power from the CCU using the normal control cable. No additional AC or DC power supply is necessary, simplifying installation and wiring.

Joystick Operation

The RCP-750 provides joystick control of Iris and Master Black. Iris setting (in F stops) and Master Black value are displayed on LED indicators