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magnify FIFA World Cup Germany 2006
FIFA World Cup Germany 2006FIFA World Cup Germany 2006FIFA World Cup Germany 2006FIFA World Cup Germany 2006

Gearhouse Broadcast carried out cable installations for Host Broadcast Services installing all unilateral and multi-lateral cabling at each of the twelve Technical Operation Centres (TOCs) used for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany.

The cabling included 11mm and 14mm coaxial camera triax cable, SMPTE 311 fibre optic HD camera cable, video coaxial cable, audio multi-ways and data cable - which added up to 700 kilometres of cable.  From as early as April four rigging teams moved between venues rigging and installing cable. Due to various connectors used by the broadcasters in Europe, three different standards of triax connectors were utilised on all the camera cable.

The provision of multi lateral cabling allowed for the production of the world feeds. All signals were set up to pass from the multilateral outside broadcast vans to all broadcasters for bookable facilities via the Technical Operation Centre. The signals also interfaced with all incoming and outgoing feeds and all unilateral cable was installed as per the specific requirements booked by these broadcasters with HBS from each venue via the local telecommunications supplier. In addition Gearhouse Broadcast provided HBS with broadcast partner cabling at each venue for broadcasters to produce their own style and flavour of their transmission back to their home countries.

A wide variety of ancillary services were also catered for in the TOC’s such as tape play outs, signal conversion, audio multiplexing and de–multiplexing, camera stand ups, presentation and interview studios.